Insure Your Love: Life Insurance is Love Insurance


Insure Your Love: Life Insurance is Love Insurance

Here in the insurance world, February is “Insure Your Love” month, which is a campaign to help others remember that life insurance is love insurance. After all, the main reason people buy life insurance is because they love someone and want to make sure they’re protected in case the unexpected occurs. This of course, prompts an important question: Do you need life insurance? The answer is straightforward – if you have someone who depends on you financially, then you probably need life insurance.

When shopping for a life policy, it’s important to consider the current needs as well as the future needs of your significant other, children, and others that you care for. Not only will life insurance give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be financially taken care of, but it could also even offer benefits to yourself, such as cash value or long-term care benefits. Life insurance replaces your ability to earn income for your family, pays for final expenses, ensures that your loved ones won’t have to make drastic lifestyle changes. So whether you are on your own, you have a young and growing family, if you’re a single parent, or even an empty-nester, there is a life insurance product designed to fit your specific needs, goals, and current financial situation.

Speaking of finances, eight out of ten consumers overestimate the true cost of life insurance, which has caused the percentage of people who own life insurance to decrease over the last couple decades. What a lot of people don’t realize is that for an average, healthy adult, life insurance can cost as little as $1 a day. When you compare that against the number of coffees or other similar indulgences you purchase in one week, it’s clear that the benefits of life insurance far outweigh the costs. Throughout Insure Your Love month, take consideration of your family’s needs and your future plans - we would love to help ensure that you and your family are covered.


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